If you see something…Say something

Like many of you, I’ve received a few parking tickets in Albany.  Well maybe not like you actually because I started this blog due to the fact that I seem to get tickets when no one else does (parking with my car “facing the wrong way” on a two way street which is one lane in all reality) and to quote a famous movie line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.”

But rather than make a blog blasting the police, I wanted to be part of the solution.  To do that, I am starting this blog which I’m hoping will inspire more people to call traffic safety on those who park illegally so that they get a ticket.  If I’m supposed to pay my tickets, I’m taking you all down with me and I don’t really care.

In the end, I want people to help the police during this time of shrinking city budgets and help them write as many tickets to as many jerks as possible. If you call parking enforcement, let me know so we can keep track of how many tickets we help the city write for how much and where.  After talking to a few of Albany’s finest, they are actually pretty cool so be cool back since they are helping us out.

Cheers to all those out there who enjoy a good amount of spite!

ASC (AlbanyStreetCents)

Important Info!

Albany Police Department 518-438-4000


Police on Twitter!  http://twitter.com/albanypolice


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